Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to Choose a Car For Drifting

To start out drifting you must have a rear wheel drive car. You can almost drift any car but I would recommend you to have a rear wheel drive car because its much easier to drift. A rear wheel drive car is much more easier to powerslide just look at the D1 Grand Prix. You would hardly see any front wheel drive cars; moreover, you'll learn much faster if you have a rear wheel drive cars. Rear wheel drive cars such as: Nissan 240sx, Honda S2000, Nissan 300 & 350zx, Mustang, Camaro, and Rx7. These cars are perfect for drifting, but I'll admit that all of those cars are expensive you might want to consider buying something else. Regardless of price, as long as it is a rear wheel drive then you can drive it all day. Also for the rear wheel drive cars that doesn't have alot of horsepower. You'll have a hard time drifting it because the car doesn't have the power to make you hold the slide. Its a real test to drift with a car that doesn't have much power, but rest assured that with pratice you can drift just about any car out there.


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