Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Drift Car Suggestion

Last post I told you about the 240sx which was a the best drift car to start with. Yes, I really do mean that but there's a better or should I say cheaper car that you can afford. Its made by Toyota and it's called the Trueno/Levin aka AE86 or "Hachi Roku" in Japanese meaning eight six.

This car is not only cheap to buy, but cheap to upgrade as well. Why do I recommend this car to you? Well if you're in a tight budget, then this car will only cost you about $500-$2000 so it is very cheap so no excuses there. Also when you do purchase this car, first impression of the car will astonished you because you'll notice that it is very light and agile. That is because the car is very light it only weighs about 2100 pounds the average weight of the new car these days range anywhere from 3000 pounds and up. You wonder why all of the new cars are overweight, that is because of all the extra equipment such as, air condtioning, abs, satelite navigation, air bags, the lot.

Now this car has none of that so that is one of the reason why it is light. So what's the advantage of having a light car when your drifting? Well you can dive in deeper through the corners and iniating drift from the apex of the corner; therefore, faster and longer drift will occur. Plus the car is much easier to control at the limit so you can push the car very hard and it will forgive you.

This car is affordable, cheap to run and to own (insurance), very light, and easy to modify. Yes, I would go with this car when you're in a shoestring budget.

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blueberry said...

Nice car though. Good to start of in car drifting. Not that expensive and good for my budget.
Henry@DMV Hours