Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Should You Have a Stiffer Suspension

So did you decide to buy a racing suspension? If you said yes to that question then you know that there will be a lot of pain and suffering in riding that car of yours with a racing suspension. Here are the list of problems that you will have to cope with when you have a stiffer suspension in your car.

* Do you want a bumpy and uncomfortable ride.
* Your significant other secretly hating you because of the harsh ride she has to put up with.
* Cops will want to pull you over because of the low ride height of your car.

Now these are some of the problems that you will encounter when you have one installed in your car, but the benefits for using it in the track are just magnificent. When you take your car to the track with a stiffed racing suspension, it feels as though the car belongs to the race track. For start the car with modified suspension feels poised and planted when you tackle the corners.

The car will not roll so much with a stiff suspension, so that leads to a quicker time and ease of use when doing so. Also when drifting your car you have more control when you drift around the corners. When you do have a racing suspension installed; you can adjust how stiff your suspension will be. If the car your planning to upgrade is your daily driven car, then you may want to reconsider because driving with that kind of suspension is uncomfortable and sometimes will wear you out.

If its your weekend car though then you have a choice to do so because you won't have to drive it everyday, and its much more fun in the track so take it out there and enjoy the car there.

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blueberry said...

Thanks for listing them down. I was looking for some tips about stiffer suspension when I saw your site.
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