Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mountain Racing - Uphill & Downhill Battle

Ever seen the anime called Initial D? If you've seen it, then you'll know that those cars in Initial D races in the mountains. Basically drifting really started out in the mountains where many of the street racers (hashiriya) raced their cars uphill and downhill.

When the racers line up their car to each other; one car would lead the other would follow. The one who's following will have to stick to the leading car to win, if the car that is chasing is left behind, then he loses. Same goes to the lead car, if he can't shake off his chaser, then he loses.

The First run would be a uphill battle and the two cars have to reach the peak in able to reach the goal. Then comes the downhill where bravery kicks in and no holds bar. These mountain racing takes place in a remote mountains where there is no cops that will come around and apprehend the street racers. It's one of the most dangerous street racing that there was because you have plenty of chances of falling off all the way down the ravine. There's a lot of mountains where there's no guardrail and chances are higher of you falling off.

Still there is people who would risk their lives to live the moment of adrenalin rush in mountain racing. People who are aspiring racers but could not afford to go the track or just wanting to have some fun racing in the mountains. You just can't help the street racers that wants to just have a good racing in the mountains and learn first hand racing in their own cars.

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