Monday, December 3, 2007

The Jargons of Drifting

Jargon - language that is used primarily in certain profession, medicine, automotive industry, and etc. All these professions used certain words that is unknown to the person who's never been in any particular field.

That is my version of that vocabulary, now I'm not here to teach English 1o1 to you but it's important that you know some of the words primarily use in drifting.

Powerslide: The American way of drifting, specifically the name the English people use to describe drifting.

Drift: Obviously I'm not going to claim that the Japanese called this at first, but they refer to a car sliding through corners drifting.

Figure 8: If you havent gone through my post of "prerequisite before attempting to drift" then I suggest you check it out. Figure 8 is just as the name says, your making a figure 8 on the tarmac through the tires of your car. A good way to practicing the basics before drifting.

Hachiroku: If your new to drifting and Japanese people refer to their car by the body type. Hachi Roku literally means 8-6 so the AE86 is referring to the Toyota trueno or levin.

Angle: When you drift your car there is angle which tells how sideways your car is. So basically the more angle you have the more points you'll get from the judges after drifting through the course.

I'll stop there, I could go on and on about the terminology but I don't want you to fill your head with too much jargon's. I'll post more drifting terminology on the later post.

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