Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Year in Review of 2007

This blog started 3 months ago and it's still growing. I have a lot more to teach about drifting and I only covered as much as I could in the short of months that I been blogging. Rest assured that you will find more useful skills and techniques that I will teach you and I'm very grateful that I can help you learn how to drift.

If you're new to drifting, I suggest you check my older posts for more information about learning how to drift and I hope you find this useful and every way. Like I mentioned many times is that practice is crucial to get better at drifting; with practice comes experience so keep drifting and keep learning. Here in this blog I will provide you with the essential knowledge of drifting. So do your part and start ripping some of those rubbers.

Here are my older posts to check out if your new to Drifting:
- How to Choose a Car For Drifting
- A Pre requisite Before Attempting to Drift
- See How Easily You Can Learn How to Drift

I will post a lot more in the coming year and some of the things you will learn are a bit more technical. Like setting up your car, choosing the right tires, suspension, and many more. So buckle down and get ready for more learning because I will do a massive brain dump and you can profit from it by just reading this blog.

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