Monday, November 26, 2007

Practice Drifting in the Rain

Dangerous, yes but you should know better than to do it in your street. Find a race track close by or a secluded area where there's is no potential danger of getting caught and practice there. Go to wherever that place might be and go there more often when it rains because when you practice in the rain, you'll get good at controlling the slide of the car. At first this is not a good way to start out, but as soon as you get use to drifting and have learned the basics that I told you. Then you should now practice in the rain, this will invariably accelerate your growth in the field of precision handling.

Go slowly at first attempt and try to gauge where you'll enter a corner and drift. Remember when in a wet track you will slide easily so you find yourself going slower than usual. Speed is not good in a damp track so just watch how fast you go because you might go too fast and understeer and hit a wall. When the track is very wet, you could encounter hydroplaning. This occurs when you go through a puddle of water and the wheels of your car is no longer on the pavement. So basically your car is floating through the puddle of water. So avoid spots in the track where there's a puddle of water. Aside from this danger, you can pretty much enjoy drifting effortlessly in the rain. First try out the techniques that you learned from my other post. You should find it quite amusing seeing how you can do these drift techniques easily when your in a damp track. Like I said you'll learn a lot from just practicing in the rain condition.

You'll get better and better at drifting when you continue to practice in the rain. So keep it up and never lose focus.

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