Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Drifting Competition

Unlike the usual racing events that we people normally see in the TV, drifting is quite different.
Racing is basically competing against fast drivers and whoever crosses the finish line first wins. Drifting competition is more of a sliding style battle coupled with short burst of speed and controlled chaos. Those are some of the ingredients that comes along when competing in a drifting event. The only similarity drifting has with the real racing is the qualifying. Yes, that is the only similarity, but when it comes to winning it's not about who crosses the line first. The way to win is to impress the judges who are carefully watching you as you drift around the corner.

These judges are professional drivers and ex drifters themselves, so they know how to rate drivers. One thing I have to mention is that the judges based their scoring in angle of the car when drifting, your line, the entry speed and the speed you carry while drifting. The drifting scenes have grown inexplicably over the years and many enthusiast are trying their hand at drifting. Competition ranges from all street racers to your daily track attackers, and the pros. The professional drifters that we were accustomed to were the Japanese drivers from the D1 GP now they have drivers all over the world to try their hand at drifting. Drifting is now growing in UK, especially Australia and here in the US as well.

You too can compete and race at your own level, so don't get discourage if you're a beginner right now. As I keep posting read it because I will give you a handful of tips about drifting and your car's set up and more.

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