Thursday, November 8, 2007

See How Easily You Can Learn How to Drift

Drifting is not hard at all, it just takes time and pratice. If you read the post before this one, you were given a prerequesite before you start drifting. If you practice those exercises, these drift techniques that I will cover here will be much easier for you to learn. So without further distractions here are some of the drift techniques that you can try.

Swaying Start Drift: This technique is very easy, ok its easier said than done but here is the down low. When your approaching a corner turn to the opposite direction then suddenly correcting it by going to the right direction. What your doing is that your swaying the car to transfer the weight from the back. This motion will make your car go sideways, and all you have to do when your drifting is hold it until you clear the corner.

Down shifting Drift: Doing this technique requires you to do a lot of down shifting. Here's a scenario, your approaching a fast right turn at a conservative speed. Then at the turn in point you brake a little bit then throw down the gears. When your doing this as you down shift you feel the car jerk forward, when that happens turn the car abruptly to the right or left. The cars weight when you down shifted goes all the way to the front and in turn makes your car light at the back end. So the back will slide much faster and easier.

E- Braking it! - Sounds cool huh, this technique is the easiest one that you can do. This is very easy because all you have to do is turn the car right or left at the same time your pulling the emergency brake or parking brake. Your car will slide easily and beautifully when done right, and also if you want to challenge yourself just a little bit. You can go faster then do this technique and your car will slide longer and faster.

So, there it is I hope these techniques of drifting can help you become good at it. Don't give up if you can't do it right now because with practice you can get good at it. And I repeat don't try this near your street or everywhere else, just do it at the track its much safer for you and your car.

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