Monday, November 19, 2007

Underpowered Cars or High horsepower Car Which Would you Choose

Alot of your drifting technique or should I say style of drifting will depend upon your cars performance. The reason for this is that you can manage to drift a car when its at speed, but if you can't gain momentum enough speed and you'll likely drift in a quick succesion rather than longer hold drift. The reason is simple, when your car doesn't have that much power it won't help you hold the drift for long. The low horsepower car is much harder to drift than the one with higher horsepower. This is because due to the fact that you need to go faster and faster to be able to slide and maintain the drift, and frankly in a low horsepower car you will have quite a hard time. There's a certain point once when your car is in the middle of a drift, and you want to completely clear the corner with a dab of the throttle. That is possible with a high horsepower car but a low HP car need more than just a dab, you need to hammer it since it won't react until you pressed the pedal harder. This can affect your drift once your in the middle of it because you want a subtle increase in throttle not a whole lot. But what can you do what can you do? Practice will help and different style of drifting is required. If you could remember from the other post that I told in drift techniques called the Sliding Power this technique required plenty of horsepower to ensure you get to hold your drift for a while. This technique won't work in a low horsepower car. So you have to use other techniques in able to drift a low horsepower car and that's you will need to have a different style of drifting. I'm not trying to discourage you if you do have a low horsepower car, it just means that you will learn different drifting style to harness your car and for it to be able to drift. I don't mean to say that you need a lot of horsepower in able drift, its balance that were after and surely this is the way most drifters do it.
With the high horsepower car, this is easily the way to drift, but too much power can harm your control over the car, thus your car will sometimes just overteer uncontrollably. Steering, footwork, and your line of drift comes so fast that you have to react fast, this is needed when you have bucket loads of power. Horsepower ranging from 400hp to 5oohp are considered high horsepower cars and a bit hard to control sometimes with their volcanic power and torque. Likewise this gets you to have a different style of drifting, like going fast before the corner and braking hard to reduced the speed and then sliding it. If you go too fast in the corner, you will inevitably crash. That's one thing that low horsepower is good at, you just keep the floor flat so you can clearly drift through the corner.

Whichever car you have you will be able to drift it, but with difficulties on both. Its a good thing because with hardship you can learn a lot and you can get good at drifting whichever car you have.

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