Monday, November 12, 2007

More Drift Techniques

As you learn and practice the drift techniques that I showed to you. You can try to learn these drift techniques that is more advance but its not very difficult to do. Once you've got better at drifting you'll want to learn more, here are more drift moves to learn.

Braking Doriifto - this drift is done by applying braking before you enter a corner. Once you lose traction by braking a little harder, you then steer the car to the right or left which ever corner you're trying to go. It takes practice to be able to do this drift, you really need to get good at braking, downshifting, and controlling the steering.

Sliding Power - its a weird name but this is done by drifting with a car that has a lot of horsepower. To ensure that you can hold the power and the slide, you should have mastered the steering control to do this drift successfully. When you're entering a corner, you use your braking just enough to slow down and to prevent you from going off track. Then you stab the throttle to induce rear wheel spins; therefore, your car will oversteer. Once it oversteer, you must hold the steering wheel and continue to apply throttle to keep drifting until you clear the corner.

High Speed Drift - high speed drift is done on a high speed corner. When you're approaching a corner, before the corner you let off the throttle then turn the steering wheel slightly right or left. If the car doesn't drift from when you let off the throttle, then your car is not set up for it. I'll cover drift set up for the later post, but at least you know the basics on how to do the high speed drift. This drift is normally done on medium powered cars, powers ranging from 290 HP to 320 HP rear wheel drive cars.

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