Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grip or Drift

So by now you're familiar with drifting, but while your getting good at it. Its good to mention the other way around the track. Which is grip driving, this is the opposite of drifting. While most of the drifting is for the show of how skilled you are in holding a powerslide. The grip driving is simply going faster in the corner. You really want push the car to the limit and set a fast time. The grip driving is for doing a time attack or track battles. Its two different ways of approaching a corner and clearing it. So long as you practice hard enough you can learn both of these two driving style. As a amateur racer myself I prefer more in grip driving because it brings adrenaline rush in me. I also drift to showcase by powersliding skills, but the most important thing is to do one at a time. Don't just think you can learn both at the same time. If you focus on drifting then stay at it until you get good, and if you started on grip driving then do the same thing. My point is to learn one first rather than trying to do both at the same time. I will cover more grip driving more in depth in later post.

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