Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Original Drifters

Who do you think were the original drifters? I think to be honest, the rally drivers were the original drifters. Just think about it, yes it may have come from street racers or should I say the touge racers back in Japan. But the truth is, is that the rally racing began a while back and the rally drivers driving style were same as that of drifters or maybe perhaps better.

So what's the correlation between the drifters and rally drivers, well...they both go sideways. And in rally racing the fastest way to go around a corner is to drift. So just imagine there were 50 corners, and you have to slide through most of the corners. That's tough and to not hit something or crash is another.

You see rally cars is held up in the mountains, in the dessert, and many other grueling places to test the limit of man and machine. So in many cases if a rally driver decides to drift instead of rallying, he'll have a good chance of being competitive right from the get go. My point is, is that rally drivers can adapt to drifting right away.

There are differences in how each of the two tackles a corner. For instance the drifters will drift with finesse and style while the rally drivers are more focus on speed than the style. You see the drifters want to impress the judges to enable him to score high on points while the rally drivers have to set the fastest time going through each sector of the race.

Even with those subtle differences it will not hide that the fact that the rally racers were the original drifters because they started sliding before the street racers did.

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