Monday, January 28, 2008

Aftermarket Steering Wheel For Show and Go

As you get better at drifting, you'll notice that your steering wheel is quite bulky and heavy. When you do a lot more drifting than usual, you start to feel the weight of the steering because you're steering vigorously from left to right. I'm not trying to recommend you go buying a lighter steering or a racing steering perhaps, but its just a thought.

If you want to put one in your ride, then do it if not then it doesn't matter. It does give your car a racing look and the aftermarket steering wheels are far lighter than the stock ones that you have in your car. If you do have a full blown drifter car where there is no carpet or any dashboard with full roll cage and a bucket seats; then I suggest installing one in your car to complement the hardcore racing style of your car.

An aftermarket steering wheel are relatively inexpensive and the amount that you have to pay for range from $50 to $150. So its not bad to have one to aid you in quickening your steering response and giving you less stress in your arms and also some racing style in your daily driven drifter.

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