Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Most Expensive Investment in Your Drift Car

Do you know what is the most expensive investment that you're going to make for your drift car? Its your tires that will cost a lot of money, let me explain. Yes, you might think that the car will be the most, some say the engine tune up, the turbo, etc. So why did I say tires.

If you're talking about short term expenditures, yes I would agree that buying all the parts and the tuning for your car will be expensive, but when your talking about the long term investment. Then it sure is the tires that will cost you. When you drift a lot or should I say often, you'll be paying for tires a lot more. Because drifting is the killer for tires. Everytime you go hard on drifting and keep practicing, you'll notice that the thread on your tires will fade faster than normal driving.

So yes that's why I said that you will be spending a lot more on tires and it will frustrate you sometimes because you only have a limited budget. One way to reduce your trip to big o tires is to switch tires. Let say you've been drifting for a while in your 240sx and the rear tires are starting to fade. Switch the front tires with the back tires. I know this is common sense, but I still see people driving with their faded tires and they act like they don't notice it.

Another way to offset the cost of your drifting quest is to buy low profile second hand tires. Now it may feel as though your car is a bit sluggish or its hard to handle due to the tires, but this is only will help you get better at drifting. When you start out drifting, don't go buying the most expensive tires because you'll just waste your money.

I hope this taught you a valuable lesson about the tires and I will go more in depth with tires on a later post.

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