Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do You Need Downforce for your Drift Car

I'm amazed at how many people put huge wings and spoilers in their drift car to attain downforce. In my opinion, you really don't need a wing in your drift car because you won't experience downforce when you're only going 30 mph to 50 mph when drifting. Some people put wings in their car for style and that's fine but know that there is a possibility you'll crash your car and damage your precious spoiler. So its a waste and you won't need it not unless you want to be flashy.

By the way if you're not a car person, then let me explain briefly what downforce is. Downforce is the downward pressure of the air, when you have a wing installed at the back end of your car, your car will be subjected to downward pressure. Another term for the wing or spoilers is ground effects. It's good to have a ground effects in your car only if you race your car in track events.

The ground effects works when your travelling at high speed. When you want suddenly to slow down the wings in the back or if you have a spoiler in the front as well, will slow down your car dramatically. Not only this but when you reach pass 60 mph your going against the wind and if you do have a ground effects installed in your car; this will help push the tires to the ground harder. The result is that your using your tires to the maximum of its capability and therefore, increase in speed. When you don't have any ground effects and your driving at a high speed, your car will lift just a bit due to the air pressure underneath and the absence of downforce.
When your car does lift it reduces the contact of the tires to the ground and prevents you from using the full power of the engine.

So why I'm I saying not to put it in your car when I'm telling you that these are the benefits of having ground effects in your car. Is drifting all about speed? No and that's is why you really don't need it and especially if you're only starting out. Save it for later when you want to be a professional drifter. Also like I said you're not going fast enough when drifting to be able to utilize the downforce. Not unless your going 100 mph sideways then maybe consider it, but first just focus on your skills and upgrading your car for drifting.

Whether you put one on your car for purely on aesthetics or performance. At least you are now more knowledgeable about the whole ordeal about the ground effects.

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