Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Turbo or NA Which Way Would You Go

So what's going to be for you if you were to choose just between the two. But first let me explain in detail about these two routes that you can go when you're upgrading your car for drifting.

You see most of the Formula D car these days have turbos. If you don't know what a turbo is let me explain. It's a compressor that is used to force more air unto the engine to increase the horsepower. In short it's a force induction, if you want to learn more about turbo check this site. Once the turbo is installed in a car, the original power output of the car will increase dramatically. So how does a turbo benefit you when drifting? Well, you can have a faster entry and you'll have a much easier time drifting. When you drift and suddenly the car understeer a bit, then you can cure the understeer with a dab of throttle and a quick steer.

Normally Aspirated car which is NA for short is the norm when you first start off getting into drifting. Not unless you purchased a car that came equipped a turbocharger. NA cars are relatively inexpensive and you can buy one for as low as $4000. NA is all motor power and such cars have a high revolution per minute. Some of the highly tune NA's are capable of reaching 10,000 RPM (revolution per minute) and is a good contender when it comes to drifting. The NA won't be as fast as the turbos but the NA's are more responsive and agile through the corners. So when you drift your highly tuned NA car; you can easily control the drift angle and speed.

The downside to both of these two are chiefly the price you pay for upgrading both of them. When it comes to boost like a turbo charger, the price for it is already astronomical, and to have it install by a professional would cost you more. Same with going to NA, if you want a high powered NA. Then you would have to fork out tuning the engine and replacing a lot of parts for your engine.

If you are upgrading for a turbo, then I suggest that you replace a lot of internal components of your engine to ensure it will handle the power of the turbo. And second know a specialist whom you can turn to and help you with the installation process. Or if you're sticking with NA, then you might as well do an engine swap to lessen the process you deal with upgrading the engine. Pick an engine that is high powered NA to start with so you all you have to worry about is the installation of the new NA engine. Just like the installing a turbo changer, you'll want to find an engine swap shop specialist to help you install the engine.

Whichever way you go is up your budget, and I'm not here to make you waste your money if you don't have it. Just spend some to upgrade your car to make it a little faster, the main investment that you are going to make is in tires and suspension. I'll cover this later but for right now just plan out what you want power boost you're going to with

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