Friday, January 4, 2008

Benefits of a Racing Seat

When you start off drifting, you will not need a racing seat just yet. One of the reasons why you don't need it is because you're not really going fast enough to have a crash because you've just started. You're still learning and absorbing as much as you can to learn how to drift.

Once you've passed the beginners curve, you'll begin to notice that whenever you drift. You seem to move around a lot while you're in your car. You see the normal seat that you have was not design for any road racing event. Therefore, if you are feeling quite uncomfortable. Then you will need a racing seat to make drifting less of pain.

One of the reasons why you will need a racing seat is because when you're drifting; your body is being subjected to lateral g forces. When you enter a corner in such a speed most of the time, your body is trying to hold up the g forces. When you have a racing seat installed in your car, it makes drifting a bit more relaxing because your body is snuggled up in the seat. Its like the seat is hugging you and you're not moving an inch because the seat was design for that kind of job.

The bad part about having a racing seat is that when your just normally driving around. The racing seat will hurt your buttocks in a long drive, and not too mention the cost of purchasing one. All in all though the investment you make is worth it because this will help your back when your constantly drifting, and you'll look more like a professional racing driver because you have racing seat.

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